How To Choose a Photographer


There are many ways to choose a photographer for your portraits or special events.  There are several things to consider before choosing a photographer that will meet you needs and preform the services you require.  Many photographer specialize in one or more types of photography.  Be caution of anyone he says they are good at all types of photographer.  As you may already know, jacks of all trades are usually masters of none.  If you are looking for an event photographer, make sure to find someone who specializes in event photography.  If you are looking for a portrait photographer make sure you find a photographer that has a reputation for high quality standards as portrait photography takes the most skill and time to master.

A few tips to choosing the right photographer are looking at reviews on facebook and yelp.  Google local photographer like we have here by searching for Modesto photographers.  Check at the photographers website and make sure you love their style of shooting.  Price may come into play with your decision.  Like many purchases, we have found you get what you pay for.  Many photographers are dirt cheap while more experienced photographer have built their business over years and are able to charge much more than the local amateur photographer.

There a plenty of product options depending on your choice of a photographer.  Some choose to sell a cd for a fixed price.  While other choose the long tradition of selling prints.  We suggest purchasing prints as most clients have not clue what to do with a cd of images.  The cd ends up going in a draw, and all the beautiful work you have paid for is not displayed properly.

Make sure to plan you session out.  Remember, you are responsible for things like make up to clothing.  No matter how great a photographer is they have to work with what they are given.  So make sure to do your part and take care of the things you can.  You will be much happier with the final results if you take a little extra time to make sure everything is in order.

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